Let Your Reality Show

Confession time. I am fascinated by the obsession so many have with the Kardashian Family.  

It is apparent that they polarise the people who are aware of them. They are either loved or loathed but it cannot be denied that they hold attention in popular culture. 

The biggest criticism seems to be that they are famous because they are famous and are not contributing to society in any meaningful way and yet despite the lack of visible talent are generating millions of dollars individually with ease. It is no wonder  that most hardworking people who still struggle with cash after getting paid are frustrated by them. 

Maybe I should be annoyed too? I have talents that I have worked all my life to master. I deserve the attention and lifestyle, right?  Possibly. But what I have also learned in my life is that everything, everybody and every situation that I am aware of has a lesson for me.  

So what life lessons can I possibly learn from the Kardashian's? Apart from mastering the art of taking the perfect selfie the prevailing message I get from them is be yourself, do your thing and that will generate its own value.   

Imagine a world where everyone believed in their own power and right to have the life of their dreams. Would there be the necessity for reality TV?

Maybe this is the solution to counter feeling bombarded by 'celebrity' culture. 

All it takes is to...

Love Yourself! 



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