What A Feeling?

Although it has been proved to me many times that 'coming events cast their shadows' I have never been sophisticated enough to read my own gauge.
Who knows how many years and how much money has been lost because I was unable to trust the most accurate indicator of all.  
As usual it has only been with hindsight that I have been able to see that there is never a single moment in my life when I am not being informed about what is happening. 

Could this be because we mistrust ourselves and concede our own power and good judgement to external sources?  
We expect loud and obvious signs, a klaxon call, thunderclaps, bells, lights and whistles.  A message in a bottle.  

True feelings have more style and operate with a stealth finesse that the gruff and explicit crudely overshadow. 
It can be a shiver, a momentary sensation of blood running cold, goosebumps, a whisper, a knot/flutter in the pit of your stomach, the texture of the air changing or just 'knowing' that 'something is off'. 

When I use my own life as a testament to this I can see every time I ignored my own warnings and soldiered on I would pay later.  
Feeling regret for this is useless as each instance taught me to honour my judgements, although I must admit that certain scenarios had to replay themselves again and again before I really started to get it.  

But now I know and the more I believe in my own viewpoint the greater I am rewarded for it. Again the rewards are not outwardly obvious and ultimately I know that there is nothing that is 'out there' that could match the expanding gift of peace and centeredness that comes from repeatedly and completely acknowledging and following my feelings. 

Love Yourself! 

Thanks for reading.  
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