I have always known that I wanted to live a life that was the result of my creativity.

It meant transcending my circumstances.

Transformation. Being victorious. 


My father died suddenly when I was 4 years old and in hindsight it is clear how that one event created a ripple of challenges I would have to subsequently overcome to attain that goal. 

Mental illness, emotional and sexual abuse, financial struggles, depression and social care were some of the issues I was faced with. Yet, despite this I always held within me the belief that someday I would be victorious.

I just did not know how that was going to happen and there was no support system. 

I became an expert at surviving, believing that simply making it through each moment would be enough but with each year the sense of frustration and despondency increased. 


I no longer compare myself to anybody because I know the truth is the majority of people are too fearful to take a risk and what they use for external validation barely masks the despondency they feel about their lives. 

What I did not fully appreciate was the magnitude of my resilience and focus. Where many would have given up, I kept on. 

In private I was studying, applying and honing my skills.  Developing a deep and unshakable spiritual understanding of myself and ultimately of us all. 
Books, webinars, courses and travel expanded my perception. I had a deep practical knowledge. Now I needed to put it into action. 

What has only very recently become apparent to me is how expertly my life to date has equipped me for what I am now about to deliver into the world. 

Music. Writing. Yoga. Technology.
Speaking. Spirituality. Nutrition. 
And so much more... 

All of the seemingly disparate aspects of myself are now converging into the service I was born to create and ultimately shaping me into the woman I dreamed I could be.