Get Lucky

What is your take on luck?

Do you believe that some people have ALL the luck or that luck is made?

I have been told on more than one occasion that I am a lucky person and found it very hard to believe. There was a very present hard luck story that I was attached to and recited often in evidence of how untrue that statement was.
How dare anybody call me lucky!

Now I look back and see that although certain ongoing situations were challenging and seemingly relentless, life had not yet defeated me. 

There are times when I am just so absolutely sure that something is going to go my way that when it does and all around me are caught up celebrating I am busy looking for the next thing. 

If I think about it and try to assess what made me so sure about my luck it was knowing that I was prepared and deserving and perceiving no other outcome than the one I desired. 
I have entered competitions, stood at the start line in a race just knowing that he prize was mine and walked away in victory.

This is not arrogance. I keep these feelings to myself. Being private about these feelings protects them from the reasoning of the 'realists' in the world. The hopers and finger crossers who do not realise the true power and control they hold in their own lives. 

Luck is a word used to depreciate the skill and effort cultivated by the 'lucky' one.  Actor Will Smith said once in an interview, 'The harder I work the luckier I get!'

Take away thoughts of the spoils being destined for a select few. 

Choose it. Prepare for it. Expect it.
Let others call YOU lucky!!

Love Yourself!

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