Your Body's Calling


The foundation of Sensuality in Womanhood  comes from the relationship she has with her body and for most women this connection is rooted in shame, self-loathing and disappointment. 
I am continually exasperated when I hear another woman announce that she loves her 'flaws'. While I see that it is meant to be an empowering message I do not feel that to be the truth. 
The very word flaw signifies that there is something wrong, a mistake. 
The body makes no mistakes. 
It is a biological wonder and will respond to the conditions it has been subjected to. 
That may be overeating, lack of exercise, no sleep, negative self-talk. Your reflection is a direct consequence of your actions. 
It is all good. 

Has this impossible ideal that everybody desires ever really been defined. I suspect we are chasing something that does not exist. 
Ask somebody you know what the perfect body is. Then ask them how they can be so sure about it. 

True sensuality comes from self-appreciation and self-love. 
View the body as the miracle it is and gift it accordingly. 

Love Yourself!
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