Substance Creates Style


The final part of the trinity of fundamentals for Womanhood is Style.

Style is the unique sensory experience you give to the world. 
How you make them feel. 
What they hear from you. What you talk about. 
Your appearance and environment. 

We live in a multi-sensory world and so for that reason, our existence and effects upon it will be multi-sensory. 
Style is only sincere and truly impactful when expressed in conjunction with the previous aspects Spirituality and Sensuality. 
This will bring forward a woman of substance rooted in her power (Spirituality), respectful of her physicality (Sensuality) who is now able to authentically show up in the world.  

Focusing solely on the Style creates a rootless female who succumbs t0 the whims and ideals suggested to her. It breeds major insecurity. The way she impresses upon her environment will be driven solely by external reactions and not grounded by a connection with self, or discernment of whether her actions are in her best interest or even to her personal taste. 
There is an overriding desire to be included and accepted. If she was connected with her higher self her confidence in her individuality would lead her choices. 

It is easy to see that in present times the majority of females are living from the Style aspect. There is an epidemic of insecurity and low confidence and the perceived solution is consumerism and body mutilation.  
The latest It Bag, shoes or seasons on-trend item can only provide a momentary high. Will augmented breasts/bottom, a thigh gap or pumped lips truly make you contented? 

For me, the heartbreaking evidence is apparent on social media in particular through the eyes of another poseur who is all style and no substance. There is clearly no communion with the soul. Her 'choices' are led by imitation, not inspiration and following social norms without questioning their origins.  

Seeing this and having a growing sense that I understand what is happening and may be able to do something about is what is guiding me right now. The more I think about it the more inspired I am to write, songs, blog posts, a book and to take this message out to the world. 
All of it is tried and tested on myself. As I talk about it to women -and men- I meet people are curious and can understand what I am aiming for. 

I believe in a future of empowered women and how fantastic the world will be as a result. 

Love Yourself!
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