Power Of A Woman

True Womanhood is about power and being confident in wielding it.
Power is such an emotive word that holds mainly negative connotations - abuse, exploitation, dictatorship. These are all about holding one party down in order for the other to rise. This is too aggressive and there is nothing feminine about it.   

True feminine power is knowing the power of the self and working with that charge. It does not belong to one person any more than it does to another.  

Women living in present society need to know that they have a personal power. Without this, we will be swayed by outside opinion which is always changing its viewpoint depending on what we are required to do or buy. 

Knowing yourself is identifying who you are without distractions or labels.

Finding this part of yourself is simple to achieve. 

Try using a basic meditation exercise of relaxing, sitting and breathing. Although this sounds easy for some it may not be so simple. The mind is busy, or feels that it needs to be and may appear bored after a few seconds. This is a natural reaction.
Just allow the thoughts to come up and pass by. 

With practice, you notice that there is part of you that is aware of all of this happening and watches everything in a still and powerful way. 

This is the real you.  
This is your centre.  
This is your power and it has always been with you. 

Think back to being 16years old and hanging out with your friends. You are bringing the experience back to the present but this new found self is there too.  

Remind yourself of something you ate yesterday. The smell, the taste, where you were when you had it.  Again, your self is there too.  

Always has been and always will.  

Your power stems from here and the more you choose to visit it the easier it will be to return there, even - and especially - in the midst of chaos.

You will also get to know who you are and build a solid relationship that is yours alone. The power from that knowledge alone will change your outlook on life. 

Being in constant contact with your centre diminishes the effect of anything outside of you.  

Imagine being so unshakeable people think twice about messing you around. Not because you are tyrannical in your ways but because it is clear that you are steadfast and confident. 

That is power. 


Love Yourself!

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