You Get Me?

All too often when artists who begin their careers in a particular niche start to become mainstream they are accused of being sellout.

But what does that really mean?

Everybody on the planet wants to be understood.

The feeling of being misheard is isolating, frustrating and confusing.

Suddenly all that you do is thrown into question by yourself.

If nobody comprehends what you are trying to do is there a point to it?

Artists synonymous with a niche are chastised and berated for straying too far from their roots. Often most severely by the people who initially discovered them and feel a sense of ownership. 

But is this fair? 

The more exposure an artist gets and the larger their audience becomes the more 'safe' their choices need to be in order to retain the numbers. 

If this is of importance to the artist the continuation of their initial daring will present itself as career suicide. 

It all depends on what each artist sees as success.  

Being all things to as many as possible or maintaining an honest soulful relationship with the people who understand what you are about no matter how left field or niche it may be. 

I have tried as much to be myself and follow those heart whispers, even when it made no reasonable sense to do so. 

Slowly my raison d'être is connecting with others as much as myself.  

This week Marcus Gon from music blog Sounds So Beautiful wrote an interesting piece about me

What struck me most about it was that the core reason I do what I do was apparent.  

Yes, I want to make good music and for my abilities to be acknowledged but there is another layer and until now I have not been sure whether that was clear and the last thing I am ever going to do is point it out. 

So thanks to Marcus for helping me spread my creations. 

You can read his kind words here. 


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)