Chicken Or Egg?

I will be forever fascinated with the craft of songwriting. 

There is a level of craftsmanship and and expertise that I hope to at least sniff around the skirts of in this lifetime. 

Although many bemoan the deterioration in songs today, I think that that depends on where you are looking for your music. The good stuff is out there you just need to do some work to get to it. 

Every finished song presents itself with the same basic components - music, melody, lyrics - so it can be safe to assume that the construction of each one is the same and that there is a given order of events, like building a house. No so. 

It could be possible that songs are the only thing on Earth that can be assembled in any order one chooses. 

Inspiration is like a patient pet sitting and waiting obediently for that moment when you are off guard to come and lick your face. When it does you need to be able to drop everything and give it some attention. 

As a creator you get to know when a really genius idea has come the indicators can be physical - goosebumps, heart palpitations, restlessness or just a sure knowing that this is a good idea. 

An overheard snippet of conversation that could be a title or significant lyric. 

A series of notes that you know will make a great riff, hook or bass line. 

The rhythmical pattern of a train or rattle of a garage door that inspires the feel of a piece.  

All of the above have happened to me and I have built songs around them. 

Recently I have been writing a lot of new lyrics. Completing full songs without any idea of the music at all. 

For me personally, is the most challenging way to write but I am welcoming a new approach to working. 

Also with new toys at my disposal I am now able to take each idea further forward on my own.  

Recently in a quiet moment it struck me that this is the way I have always wanted to work. To have at my disposal all the tools needed to create a song and here it is now being realised. 

It is an exciting and emotional moment when you witness that long held dreams are coming true. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

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