Justification Of Genre

If I could go back in time I would tell my younger self a truth that she would not want to hear. 

'Babe. You are never going to be a Pop Star!' 

Then, I would run for the hills and that would be some feat as I was a competing junior sprinter in my teens. 

All I really wanted to do was perform music and my initial exposure to people who did this was from the Popular Music world. 

Over the years I have written Pop songs an the majority of them have been for other people. When I do something that I would classify as Pop it is mostly in response to a request so therefore the subsequent work, although it will be based on something personal to me is very head led. 

When I write for me and allow whatever needs to come out, come out it is from the heart. 

The music that truly moves me is mainly either Jazz or Soul and my 'style' is a blend of the two. 

I rely on my sensory resonses as a barometer for my output.  When I write lyrics I form a picture in my mind and describe that and I rely on physical confirmation that I am in the right track.  

Similarly when it comes to writing the music I need to feel stimulated and the only chords and progressions that inspire and excite me are jazz based - dense and temporarily discordant before finding resolution. 

My music compositions over the years have reflected this, even when I was still searching for 'my sound' there has always been indicators of who I am today and even in the Pop, Dance and Reggae music I have made those idiosyncrasies have shone through. 

This is something cultivated from myself because as a child I was not especially exposed to anything other than the radio which was mainstream programming. 

Somehow I found the expression of me. 

I am always open to collaboration and to work in spheres that I may not normally go to. 

I am building a nomad studio and I have a very interesting spark of an idea that could see this realised in a new and exciting way. 

More soon...


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

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