Work In Progress

I have another project underway.

It has always been simmering I the background and it will never be complete. 

The project is the perpetual CMW Upgrade. 

One of my personal ambitions is to be the absolute best version of myself and that involves analysing every area of my life and putting it in order as best as I am able to do. 

There will ways be a more to attain and it is as exciting as it is daunting. 

Right now my focus is on my health. When I was a teenager I was also a competing athlete at County level. I had the same coach as an Olympic champion. I bounced with fitness and although I have always had exercise in my life I have not returned to that level for sometime. 

This is going to change. 

Health is a real concern of mine. Almost an obsession.  I know that there is a higher level and I want that for myself. 

I deserve it. 

Another favourite quote of mine by Jim Rohn is 'Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.' 

Seeing people around me 'live' with conditions I know they are dealing with because of lack if self care breaks my heart but they cannot be told. 

The only way that I can get my message through is to 'be the change'. 

This work is not just for me now. It is I believe the only way I can save at least one life and because of this it is easier to do. 

I cannot complain about lack of time as much as I think I am doing now there is always time. The day starts when the Sun rises. 

Choosing good food and preparing it well is a mark of respect to myself. If I look like I treat myself well then I will be treated as such. 

I want to attract new opportunities and people into my life and that requires an overhaul. 

Out with the old and unserving and make room for the new. 


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share ;)