Please Don't Stop The Music

Do you remember where you were when you heard Michael Jackson had died? Do you recall the way you found out, your initial feelings and subsequent actions? 

I was in London packing for a weekend of gigs in Ukraine with the TV on low in the background and on the phone at the same time. 

It was a shock to most because there had just been the announcement of a series of live shows.   

As a fan, my sadness was the thinking that there would be no more new music to experience. He was one of the very few artists who would and could create an event out of their new releases. 

This week I finally found the time to start listening to the new album of Michael Jackson music, Xscape. 

It has been a long time since I listened. to an album this way and there are very few artists that I 'go in' with. 


There is a format to this...

First I will play the music in the background whist engaged in another activity that leaves me free to hear, making sure not to skip over any songs that do not immediately grab me. 

After I have gone through then I re listen to my favourites now with headphones so I can really hear what is happening. 

For me bonus of this album is that these are reworkings by some of my favourite current Producers of unreleased tracks and the originals are included as well as commentary about the project. 

It is an audio master class in production.  

I have listened to Michael Jackson all my life on so many different analogue formats and now experiencing his work digitally via streaming and watching the replay of the performance of his hologram at an awards show seems transcendentally correct. 

Being a creator of music is thrilling and challenging and I could not be me without this aspect of my life but I will never stop being a fan and this week I got to be that again. 

Loved it. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)