Attraction: Reloaded - Spoiler Alert!!!

Have you ever had someone describe something to you prior to you having your own experience of it?

Does it enhance or tamper with your enjoyment?

Are you able to approach it with open ears or does the fact that you already know about it mean you then listen pre-emptively instead of being surprised? 

Well if you prefer not to have your aural cherry popped stay away from this article now where Nina The First takes you through her thought process for creating the splendour that is Attraction: Reloaded. 

If you are reading this in May 2014 then the tune still is unmastered and has only been heard by 3 people on the face of the planet. 

The notes give you a description of what to expect and they probably will not make any sense until hearing the music places them in context. 

My love of music places me in the sphere of geekdom. I appreciate that decisions are made but if I can find out how and why it gives an additional appreciation and respect for the work and all though involved in it. 

The creative process is such a mysterious phenomenon to consumers that the reverence of this can be forgotten by the creators themselves because they are so involved in it. 

Unpicking the who, what, where, and whys attempt to display in a linear way what is not. 

It is also a great learning tool to those interested in the art of production and to the fans of Nina's work a glimpse into her psyche - Abandon hope all ye who enter ;) 

For me, the writer of Attraction it is fascinating to hear about another creatives approach to something that has been part of me. 

The song has had many adventures prior to reaching where it is today but all until  this point have involved me. 

To hear your own song reimagined in such a way is truly thrilling. 

And so I continue to tease you but the wait is worth it. 


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share ;)