Word Up!

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As a writer I have always had a fascination with words. The sounds they create in the mouth, the images they invoke in the mind but I never truly understood the true power they held over my life until I started to really study myself and become devoted to improving my life.  

What we speak, comes into existence for us whether we are aware of it or not.

Once I discovered this I could see clearly how and why certain aspects of my life were the way they were. For the most part this related to parts I wanted to change about myself.

So much of our self talk runs on a deep subconscious level that we are truly oblivious to the fact that we are addressing ourselves this way. It takes contemplation, self examination and forgiveness to move forward.

We all do this. When you look in the mirror, what are you telling yourself about what you see?

Women give themselves such a hard time about their bodies. Very few are satisfied with their appearance. Instead of appreciating what we are we look at individual parts of ourselves and compare and contrast them to parts of others.

I am sure deep down we know this is ridiculous as comparing the parts of one model of a car to another.

Even though I have spent years on this I know I still slip up. So I have learned to also listen to what I say whilst I am saying it. I also listen very closely to what people say to me. Not to judge but to understand. 

You can start to apply this in your life very simply by noticing how you the way people greet you. 

When somebody asked 'How are you? I used to respond 'Not too bad', thinking that was affirming a positive. Once I understood operative word in that sentence is 'bad'.

Some would call this a major 'aha' moment. To me it was an anvil to the skull awakening.

I decided to treat a greeting as a description of the experience I am bringing to another person, even if this is somebody I know. 

Now my response is 'I'm good, thanks'. Sometimes when I say it I mean it and I feel it. I really do believe I am good. Other times it serves as a self reminder, I am good.

Either way, having I am good as a constant mantra trumps the echoes of bad.

What may seem like a minor adjustment makes a major shift. Becoming aware of the words you use even during the seemingly most innocent exchanges lays the foundation to build the disciple required to make changes to your entire thoughts and conversation.

Love Yourself!


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