Jealous Of 'That' Woman?


There is a certain type of woman that we probably all know of.
She has a list of qualities that are as desirable as they are enviable.

She is ‘That’ Woman.

She is one who always is the centre of attention. Her very presence in a room creates a shift of energy. Everything about her appears to be in place and going well - her relationship, her career. She looks healthy and is beautifully dressed. Above all she exudes the confidence of a woman living her life well.

Unfortunately, the majority of people she comes across will not react favourably towards her because everything that she represents triggers them to such a degree that it is easier to be indifferent or even critical than to face up to why she makes them feel that way.

She will be accused of being ‘stuck up’, ‘ a ‘show - off’, ‘thinking that she is better than…’ and many other less complimentary terms. There is usually only one reason for this reaction - rampant jealousy. Her achievements will represent everything her detractors have yet to achieve, have never attempted to achieve or do not believe they can achieve. The distance between where she is and where they believe themselves to be seems too great to cross and they are overcome with a deep sense of inadequacy.

Jealousy can always be useful. Those feelings are stirring you on such a deep soul level to remind you that wherever you are in life there can be more for you. Her presence in your life is not to taunt you but to show what is possible for her and for you.

I have had experience of being on both sides of this. As painfully as it is to admit there have been times when the woman who had it all just wound me up and to make myself feel better I would search for some fault of hers to make myself feel better.

There have also been times when people have been jealous of me which made me feel sometimes hurt and sometimes shocked because I still believe I have so much left to achieve in life. However how I am starting to understand the purpose and cause of jealousy it all simply makes sense.

Whenever I gain some clarity that brings ease into my life I want to share it. What use is it to watch others struggle when I know I can help?
My first big share is just over a week away.
I will be holding a free webinar called Become 'That' Woman which is centred on passing on what I understand she possesses that makes her so attractive so that we can all have what she has.

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I am nervous and excited about this. Which is why I know it is something that I must do.

Love Yourself!

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