Woke Up Like This?


To varying degrees, we are sleeping in our lives. This leaves us open to being led away from truly experiencing life and passing our days in service of that which cannot deeply benefit us.  

Jobs that take up most of our time and energy provide us with just enough resources to not feel adventurous or supported enough to break away, even though the majority of the population are not satisfied by this model. We are distracted momentarily from our existential yearnings by the solutions promising to remove feelings of fear, self-loathing and failure.
We are taught to exist in judgement and division with each other and with ourselves. 

No matter how long we continue to buy into the pursuit of success there will always be a sense of unease. This is the greater part of us relentlessly trying to get through to remind us that there is more than we are allowing ourselves to be. 

The road of self-actualisation is long with no real goal other than the commitment to constant transformation. It is a challenge that never ceases but the rewards are constantly given in the forms of deeper understandings of the world, greater tolerance of others, self-love and so much more...

Those tentative first steps into the unknown require the most courage because all that you have believed about yourself and the world ceases to make sense. All is confusing and it may seem like a better idea to retreat back to the discomfort of your comfort zone but the magic lies in the mystery. 

If you can't explain anything, redefine everything. 

Love Yourself!

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