Failure's Success


The internet provides us with so much information that as easy as it is to be inspired to make changes there is equally confusing and often not so helpful opinions.  

Growing and moving forward in life mostly involves changing beliefs and adopting new behaviours. What else is more encouraging than seeing the positive effects progress creates for us? 

But inevitably something will happen and often that can send us off course or even back to the beginning again. It is too easy to feel despondent and fall into blame. While it is true that the lack of achievement at this point is our own responsibility the way we use that knowledge is imperative.  

The quick fix spiritual diagnosis often chastises us for descending into victimhood but there are instances where the reasons are more nuanced. 

We have to remember that a lot of our self-defeating thoughts and behaviours were adopted when we were less mature and would mostly have been chosen because we believed it would keep us safe.  To move forward we need to thank the naive aspect of ourselves for doing the best it could instead of being discouraged about another failure.  

We are being shown what we need to examine and change.  

Love Yourself! 

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