Sane Reaction


How easily are you triggered? 

How quickly to you jump to catch conclusions, judgement, anger or fear? 

Are you able to allow others to have a point of view that may be counter to your beliefs but be ok with it? 

For most of us maintaining a peaceful equilibrium is a work in progress. There is so much injustice, violence, ignorance surrounding us. Is it even possible to not be drawn into the drama? 

If we do not show we care we will appear to be apathetic and then people will judge us for not having feelings.  

And there lies the trap.  

Lashing out pulls us away from our own centre. Falling into the reactive maelstrom of the majority is not solidarity to the cause but rather a lack of connection to ourselves, which is paramount. 

With practice, the need to be drawn into emotional mires diminishes.

Love Yourself!

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