Why Do People Create?

Sometimes during the course of a with a new creative acquaintance a question arose that opened a Pandora's Box of answers in my mind.

Sadly there was not the time at the time to discuss it but I knew it would make a great CMW Blog post.

Ollie, this one is for you mate.

The question in question was and is 'Why Do People Create?'

I fee that question should be a statement of fact.

 People Create.

The phrase, 'I'm a creative person.' Often spills from the lips of an individual who uses it as an excuse for their indifferent nature. Somehow the image of a creative has become that of a drifter. 

Creativity is tough work and it is something that we all do. Regardless of our occupation. 

To put something in place where none existed existed before is to create. To want to do better than we have previously is to create.

It is not just about songs, paintings, clothes and buildings.

It is about expansion and progress. 

Creating is Life and everyone of us is all about that.

We all reach into our imaginations to envisage solutions in all areas of our lives and the implementation of that is creativity.

People create because we cannot not create. All of us are always making something happen whether we are aware of it or not.

Look at all that you have created for yourself. Feel empowered by it. Claim your title, Creator!


Love Yourself!


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