New Tricks

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This may sound like an obvious oversight but it is true. 

Even though I loved playing the piano and composing in it the idea of incorporating it into my performance only occurred to me out of necessity.  

After being let done one time too many I realised that I had everything I needed to proceed. 

It is usually when we think we have lost that we see what we have. 

With the addition of upgraded technology in my life there is no need for me to get frustrated if plans get reorganised or delayed. All I need to do is learn some new skills. 

Now I know that the journey into production is a long one and I am years behind where I want to be in order to implement the ideas I have at speed but if I do not start now I will be another year behind next year. 

Producing has always been an ambition of mine that got ignored as I persued my solo pursuits. The idea being that I would pick it up down the road. 

Well why wait?

I am not short of ideas and having worked with the talent I have previously I have a good understanding of what needs to be done. This time it is just me operationing the desk. It is daunting but very exciting. 

In preparation I have been listening to my favourite tracks and dissecting the production and then mapping out my ideas for new songs. 

I am going to have to develop deep patience with myself as my ideas far surpass my skills at this point but every expert in their field had a Day 1. 

Thankfully, this is the age of Google and YouTube so I am never more than a click away from an answer. 

Carol Mae Whittick, Producer. Sounds good?


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