When One Door Closes, Lock It!

Since the last blog post three days ago  I have made big changes in my life.

Most significantly removing myself from a situation that was having an extremely detrimental effect on my psyche. 

I had endured it for far longer than was necessary partly due to fear of not knowing what my next step would be and trying to arrange everything to be just right. 

However organising 'just right' was proving to be impossible. 

As it stands now I am existing in a limbo state and the interesting thing about it is there is nothing to fear here. All there is is possibilities. 

In recent times there has never been a moment when I have felt more abundant. 

Everything I need is with me. 

When you rid yourself of the excess baggage that you hold onto for protection all that remains is the true and valuable.  

I feel that this could develop into a compulsive behaviour. What else can be discarded?

I vow also never allow myself to become so attached to anything, particularly toxic situations. 

Lessons have been learned and I have gained new strength and sharper perception. 

I will make a hasty retreat should there ever even be the slightest sense of clinging on again. 

Interestingly, since the jump was made more options and answers have shown up. The net really does appear when you jump. 

I am in a better position with what could appear to be nothing. 

A door has closed. A bridge has been crossed.  No going back. 


Love Yourself. 


Thank you for reading. 

Please share. :)