Christmas Everyday

It's the most wonderful time of the year. 

Tis the season to be jolly.  

Why only now? 

Each year as I witness people adhere to the prescribed permission to have a good time, I become more befuddled. 

 Why is it so ridiculous to wish it could be Christmas everyday? 

 Think about what we believe as Christmassy behaviour.

For example...  


It is better to give than to receive. However in giving you always get a return anyway. Incorporating permanent charitable aspect into our lives could only be beneficial. 


Days, weeks, months and years can pass and important people in outlives become memories. We now live in the Digital Age. There is no excuse to not be in contact with anybody. Unless you or they are choosing not to. 

Giving thanks.

An attitude of gratitude on a daily basis not only makes us feel that we have enough already in our lives but puts us in a state where we will attract more of the same. 


There are good times and bad times I agree. The contrast is necessary.  If I can offer something from my own recent experience. Be excited about the day even when there seems to be no visible reason for it. You opened your eyes. You are still here. A miracle has just happened. More can come. 

Over consumption.  

Bear with me here. Excessive eating, drinking and spending cannot be sustained. Most of us will calibrate our behaviour, discover the balance of what our body needs to function and still incorporate the treats into our life.

The benefits of keeping the flow of abundance circulating will also become apparent. Business will flourish and the economy will rise.

Instead of projecting our thoughts forwards towards the mania and then inevitable slump back into mediocre routine how about a bit of Christmas Everyday?

Wishful thinking? Maybe.

In the meantime can I wish you a Happy Christmas.



Love Yourself!!


Thanks fore reading. Please share.  :)