Keep Calm & Carol On

2013 is coming to an end and I am, for the first time ever, looking forward to the slowdown. 

Much has been achieved in the past year. It may seem that it was only during last few months that anything was happening but there has been an enourmous amount of behind scenes work to do.

Building the structure, planting the seeds. With every step forward and new task I am learning skills and strategies that may not have been necessary to take on had I have not chosen to start this project as an entrepreneurial venture. 

There are so many details that need to be constantly addressed and I am forever accompanied by the sense of incompletion. 

Is there a frayed edge, a loose thread, a bolt to tighten? What about this, that or the other? 

Bleating about how much I have to do will at best garner sympathy and I definitely do not want pity. But I am human and occasionally the enormity of the task at hand becomes overwhelming. Especially when many things need to be accomplished almost simultaneously. 

Last week I had my 12/12 showcase and I wore so many different hats during the course of one day. 

Musician, songwriter, singer, stylist, makeup artist, graphic designer, photo editor, marketer, video editor, stage set designer, and roadie.  Just to name a few!

Constantly being asked different things by people in varying emotional states and trying to overlook my own concerns because I was about to perform and still not fully recovered from flu, it would have been to easy to slip into panic mode. 

Ultimately nobody cares about or possibly realises that. They want to be entertained and I want to present quality. Running around stressed and dishevelled would have only created unease, that is not at all enticing. 

I want to invite people into my world not scare them away. 

The best thing I have learned so far is to remain centred and sit in the core of the present moment. A concious meditation. 

So, in the midst of it all I found peace and became a participating observer. I was able to address, respond and still maintain a  calm.

A new accomplishment and a welcome addition. 

This past event taught me how important that is/will be to me going forward and how I need to improve on it.

There can be stillness anywhere. Even in the noise, confusion and urgency. 

I can find a way to be all by myself.

Hmmm, I feel a song coming on... 


Love Yourself. 


Thanks for reading. Please share. :)