We Can Be Heroes


Since the beginning of this year, it feels like a disproportionate amount of public figures have died.  People who shared their talents, who inspired and entertained us and as a result became icons, legends, immortal. 

News of their passing creates a shock. It disrupts us. The story seems unbelievable. Even though we know they are human to hear that they have been victims of the diseases and ailments that afflict us all makes no sense.
Very few of us will have had a real personal relationship with them and yet their deaths can have a deeper effect than people we have known in our everyday lives.  

They have shown the possibly of the human experience, self-belief and full expression.  A part of us lives vicariously through them. We too are the actors, directors, architects, rock stars and inventors. Without them to channel through the focus turns back to us to examine ourselves. 

What do we contribute to the world? What will our legacy be?  

2016 is only halfway through and I suspect that there are still more shocks to come.  Only through hindsight will we be able to understand exactly what is happening now. 

Love Yourself! 

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