End Of The World?


Whether you are a person who uses or believes in terms like 'energy', you cannot deny that the world feels very different now. Something is happening, world events are more extreme and people are displaying more polarising behaviours. 

For many, there is a growing sense of fear about where we are going. How much worse can it get? Who is going to lead us when it looks like there are no suitable candidates who have our individual interests in mind in those positions? 

For me, someone who has a more spiritual practice, I have been expecting this moment in time but that is not to say that life is any easier for me now. This energetic shift has affected me deeply. Being highly empathic (previously 'accused' as overly sensitive/emotional) is a blessing but it has its costs. I am like a sponge to the energy environment and this includes the experiences of people around me too. Self-love and self-care are imperative otherwise I suffer and I do not use that word lightly. 

So what does that have to do with the way the world is today?  

Deep in our hearts we know that the world must change but maybe are at a loss to what we as individuals can do about it. How much more crazy do events have to get before somebody steps up? Or are we doomed?

People are more divided, scared and angry. 

This is where we all have a choice. Maybe this is the end but like the death card in the tarot, I believe this signals the birth of a new way of being.  

However, this is only possible if we believe it is and act accordingly.  

We can all do something it starts with where we are. Are there areas where we have looked at another and imagined a separation, even on a seemingly innocent level?
Now it is imperative to recognise ourselves in each other. We are all humans doing the best we can and very few of us want the torment we currently see in the world. 

Use intelligence and discernment when receiving 'the news'.  Limit the time you spend interacting with it and when you do watch and listen closely. Are your emotions and prejudices being manipulated? Do the pictures match the words? 

Your mind will always create connections based on your understanding.  Educate yourself. Question everything. 
And again, self-love and self-care are essential. Try not to remain in a state of hurt or despair for too long because if you believe the world is broken, this is all that you will see.  

Look for reasons to express gratitude every day. Walk in nature. Do things that lift your mood. Listen to music. Eat your favourite food.  

We need to be strong for ourselves in order to be strong for each other.  

Love Yourself! 

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