Please do not feel cheated by the content of today's post. Although it was not written specifically with the blog in mind it feels the right thing to post today as it represents the clarification of thoughts that have been drifting in my mind for many months. 

These words were written in response to questions posed by an email newsletter from Jo Na Williams, founder of the Artist Empowerment Group and JA Law a business law firm for online entrepreneurs and artists.

I responded because they led me to solidify all those wanton thoughts and then assume some accountability by posting the answer on her website. 

It is, if you will, l a mission statement and sets the template for what I want for myself as an artist, business woman and human being. 

I want to keep going because I have never stopped and as a result my style is defined and I am confident about who I am presently as an artist and personally and I want to fall into a expand on this.

My motivation for continuing is the feedback I get from people who do resonate with what I do.

By not hiding what I really want to say, despite my reservations, there seems to be a connection.

This inspires me to want to go further.

When I look out into the world I can see that more people are looking for truth, possibly the permission to reveal themselves and the knowledge that there are some artists who are unafraid of speaking from the core.

If I was doing my art solely for money I would have stopped by now. However, this needs to change. There are ways of monetising and packaging a brand that I need guidance on. As for fame I want to be known for doing what I do. We all want to be noticed but the attention needs to be for a valid reason. 

What do I stand for? There is a change happening, slowly maybe, but on a soul level more questions are being asked about who we are and why are we here. Theses are the themes I write about in songs and in my CMW Blog. My music is 'The Soundtrack To Your Awakening'.

I used to watch award shows yearning to be the recipient and I think for many years that was the barometer. "I'll know I've made it when I win a ...." 

Now not so much, if at all. I come alive when I know I am connecting. That is the measure, for the essence of what I do to resonate and connect. For it to be shared because it excites and incites something in the listener/reader but ultimately because I am amazing and extending myself. 

The Message. From me it is - We are all One, wanting the same things. The power to make the World how we want resides inside us all and always has.

My 'Made It' looks like, travelling and performing, working with artists from many fields, incorporating my lifestyle into my work ie yoga, nutrition, spirituality, healing.

Jo Na responded...

Thank you Carol for sharing your wonderful answers. When I read your statements it jumps out to me very clearly that your purpose on earth is "to awaken" and it feels like you're doing that so beautifully by sharing your music and the other self-care and spiritual tools that you are passionate about. 

The key is to effectively connect what you're passionate about outside of making music into your brand. People love to connect to the person and if they don't know you, it's like building a new relationship (of any kind). You start by easing them in and then sharing your talents and music elegantly. From what you've written it sounds like you're on the path to doing this and I look forward to sharing more guidance with you about how you can continue to do so. 

Effective strategy and organization, coupled with passion and good intentions for the world and yourself will create a magnetic and successful brand and from that you can create a business to sustain your art. Stay tuned. More to come. ♥

The next chapter begins...


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)