Silence Isn't Golden

There is an age old dilemma that the majority of us will have to navigate at some point in our lives. 

It is knowing the truth of a situation whilst a person we care for lives on oblivious.

We know disclosure will cause pain but also are in pain ourselves as we witness their perceived contentment knowing that it is balanced on a lie. 

What should you do?

 You could tell them and risk losing a treasured connection and being the target for their anger, especially if they refuse to see the value in what you are saying or the loving reasons behind you doing so. 

The alternative is to say nothing, allow events to unfold and hope that they never become aware of what you knew and when. 

If it were you...Would you want to know as soon as possible or would blissfully reside in your ignorance.

What would your reaction be as the truth inevitably revealed itself and you found out people knew all along?

I find myself in such a situation - knowing that the results of continued actions will  not end well but also knowing that any solutions will not be well received. 

This is like observing a car crash in super slow motion and trying to divert the impact by throwing pebbles under the wheels. 

Another stealth option I am trying is using the proverbial pebbles as clues so the answers unfold naturally.

This is not a quest for personal glory but an attempt to steer someone away from future suffering. The signs and the early symptoms are there.

All I can do is hope and for once that feels like the weakest thing to do.

This is a true test of whether I can be a strong, silent type.


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading.

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