Amazing Space

2014-10-31 08.56.05.jpg

My living arrangements can best be described as nomadic.  

As a result of this I have become very adept at adapting. 

Old skillsets have been called forward in particular the creative eye I developed as a visual merchandiser. 

This was a job I mostly enjoyed because it of the opportunity to conjure a space and atmosphere where there was usually a blank space.

The magic was in visualising an idea. Feeling it in depth, knowing precisely what needed to go where. The colours, the textures and positioning. 

Implementing was always quite tedious but with patience to see it all realised was worth the work and frustrations. 

And so with my new space to live, create and grow. Initially a blank but now a sanctuary. It has taken a couple of days of grunt work. Including the assembly of furniture (!) but worth it.

Not only are the interior elements pleasing, the surrounding area of nature and space is a gift to my soul.

The peace here is wonderful. 

Although I now have this. It has not alway been this way and I have learned to find sanctuary in any place regardless of exterior distraction. 

There can be stillness in the midst of madness and mayhem but it takes some work. Part of you is not relaxed there is a defensiveness needed to protect the core. 

As challenging as those times were they strengthened a side of me so for that I give thanks. 

But when the time comes when the defences can be let down...



Love Yourself!


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