Wakey, Wakey!


It cannot go unnoticed that there is a shift in awareness in our society.
Secrets and lies are being exposed. People are feeling compelled to speak their truth even if they have been holding back for decades.
Structures of perceived power are being dismantled and we are all realising that we have to take personal responsibility in order for the change we declare we want to come to fruition. 

We have been sleeping for too long and been too idle to do the work. As a result, the opportunity to deceive and dupe us was taken. We cannot complain too much, we allowed it to happen. 

However, this is not a reason to berate ourselves but a chance to learn from what has happened. Now we know what happens when we do nothing. 
How much different would it be if we all accepted our accountability not as a burden but as a mission to do better? 

Get up, stand up!

Love Yourself!

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