Healing Pain


We are creatures of habit and are always seeking comfort. However sometimes the comfort we choose to remain in holds no real peace for us, it just becomes a familiar pain. 

Some people would rather remain in agony for years, believing that it will simply go away but pain is a signal, a call to action.
Do something, investigate.
Remaining in pain is not wise.  

We also will do anything to avoid pain believing that is will destroy us and will use any means to suppress it. Food, drink, drugs, shopping, TV, gambling... 

Pain is transient. True there will be upheaval, revisiting long forgotten memories, tears,  feeling vulnerable but the redemption and freedom available after working through those parts of us we work so hard to avoid makes it worth it. 

Running away from our pain is only moving in circular motion.  

The only way out is through.  

Love Yourself!

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