Tune In, Drop Out


One of the strongest themes in the book I am writing and in my life is about self-love. In fact, you may have noticed that I sign off with Love Yourself. This is as much a reminder to myself as it is a suggestion to my readers. 

Any act of love honours the wishes of another and I have chosen to honour a call within myself. 

There has been a growing urge within me to take some time out of the country alone in order to be able to be peaceful and plan the next stage of my life. My mind is flooded with ideas of what do, create, where I want to go and people I want to meet and I feel that with all that has been happening I have not given adequate time to just sit with my thoughts.  

The weather in London has taken a turn for the better this past week but before that, I was craving the sun.  

The trip is booked and for one week I will be in a different country and right by the sea.

It is a country that I have a vague understanding of the language and I like that. The purpose of this journey is to have space. I also want to focus on getting a lot of the book written. My book of notes and references is bulging. First draughts need fine tuning and I feel the overall tone and voice of the book is not there yet.

I have noticed a change within myself since I made the booking. I could describe it as an up levelling of self-respect. It has become clearer where I have been tolerating poor behaviour and I have felt confident enough to call out anybody who has assumed that that was ok.

I will allow the wizardry of the Internet to maintain my online spaces. I am curious to know what I will discover if I disconnect from external stimulation and surrender to what wants to connect to me.

Enjoy your week. 

Love Yourself!

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