Bring It Back


I enjoyed and appreciated every moment of my time away. It took a couple of days for me to properly slow down and slip into the relaxed rhythm of the environment but I still wanted to make use of every moment. The sunrises were so spectacular it seemed a waste to not be awake to witness them. For me, that is when the day begins so why waste it?  

What I had been craving was space. The space to allow myself the opportunity to sit with my thoughts and work through a few big occurrences in my life from the past year that I had not given myself the chance to really examine. I had been so concerned that if I really allowed myself to 'go there' it would unearth too many emotions and I would become overwhelmed and unable to function. So I suppressed my true feeling and tried to get on with life. Naturally over time the pressure built up to such an extent that I had to do something. 

What I learned was not new. The worst case scenario we build up in our minds never actually materialises. Yes, there were some difficult moments to process but they were in line with the challenges I was facing. Fear as always paints a gloomier picture than the reality. We are always stronger than we credit ourselves to be. 

Once my mind began clear of all that I was open to receive all the inspiration I needed for my forthcoming book, Becoming H.E.R.
And the ideas have flowed.
It has been like being  told, 'Put this in, and this. Don't forget to mention that. Do it this way'. 

Up until this point I had felt there was something missing and the tone I wanted to convey was not quite coming through. Now I think I have it.  

I know many people go on holiday and then are reluctant to get back to 'real life'. I do not feel like that all. I am happy to be home because my mind is refreshed and I am inspired to put my new ideas into action. I am lucky to not have the majority of my days filled with unsatisfactory work and therefore live in dread of the majority of my life.  

I returned with the clarity and confidence that will help me create the next new phase of my life.

If you find peace when you go away, carry it home.  

Love Yourself, 

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