The Hardest Word

Forgiving yourself creates more compassion for others..png

There are many facets to moving into a place of constant self-love. They include the question of worthiness. The question of 'Who am I to give to myself first?' The guilt when you do and the feeling of unfulfilled righteousness when you choose not to. 

Imagine for a moment that this particular area is working. There will always be something new to face and usually the biggest piece is forgiveness.  

When you start to see how ease filled life can be and how other do truly benefit from you being self-loving first the inevitable memories and will surface.

You will wonder why you thought it best to give your power away to those who you can now see had their own interests ahead of yours even though they may have made it seem otherwise. 

It will become all too clear how you dishonoured yourself by not proposing your health or presenting yourself respectfully. 

The fears that seemed so justified and the detrimental effect they had in your life will play in front of you like a movie, with each  missed opportunity repeating itself and intensifying as it does so.  

During this period it is of importance to remind yourself that you are a loving force in your own life. Remember that those acts were all taken with the best of intentions at the time and no matter what their circumstances served you in some way.

Even taking a certain path created more upheaval, understand that the lesson needed to be learned over time.

Forgiving yourself creates more compassion for others.  Once again pricing that self-love benefits all. 


Love Yourself! 


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