Those Who Wait...

One of my mini obsessions is stationery.
I will admit to experiencing a mild shortness of breath in stores that sell pens and notebooks, particularly if said items are in 'my colours'. Out of all the items available the head and shoulders winner is a fresh block of lined magenta Post-It notes because I use these to create my To Do lists and few things satisfy me more than ticking a box and declaring something 'Done'. 

For the most part, this is effective and I work my way through tasks of varying difficulty and importance this way. However occasionally there will be one that seems to hover from list to list and as it lingers it gains a weight of guilt and trepidation. The effort required to complete it grows and over time seems impossible to muster as guilt and personal embarrassment contribute to the load. 

But is it really all that bad?
Can procrastination be a useful gauge of personal interest?  

There are always certain tasks we need to be done that hold no interest for us whatsoever and yet we will put off, delay and side step until eventually forcing ourselves to complete, usually at the last minute and at great discomfort to ourselves. 

If we cannot embrace an endeavour with joy should we not just delegate? Any financial cost would be an investment in peace of mind.  

Busyness and 'grinding it out' are heralded nowadays particularly in the entrepreneurial world. But while I am not attempting to shirk the work that needs to be done I do feel that labouring under duress sounds very similar to unsatisfactory employment and I fail to recall the honour or benefits there. 

Many of the jobs I need to complete can be pernickety and initially seem insurmountable but if I can see how they add to the whole picture I am creating they can be completed in an almost game-like fashion. Often it is the simpler tasks that cause me to dawdle. 

For me, this is an area that requires further examination.
Am I justified thinking that occasionally I need a fire lit under me or maybe there are parts of what I thought I wanted to do that no longer fire me up?


Love Yourself! 



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