In Patience

Do good things come to he/she who waits or does the early bird get the worm?

Patience is  a highly lauded characteristic yet playing the long game requires an abundance of faith. You must be able to trust that the desired outcome will be realised despite present circumstances. 

The opportunity to strengthen the capability to wait is greatly diminished in this age of instantaneous gratification.    
Tales of overnight success and 4 hour work weeks tarnish the truth of what it really takes to achieve greatness.
Reality television shows have a lot to answer for too. Every year thousands of hopefuls stand in line for hours for a chance to be catapulted from obscurity to celebrity in a few months despite very few of the 'winners' ever experiencing long term careers.  

But if there is an option that could fast track to your desire is tolerating the often unbearable limbo situation virtuous or masochistic?  

Everyone knows by now there are no overnight successes. Those cases are the result of years of patient preparation and frustrating waiting for the moment to be yours, without losing the fire that inspired you initially. Toiling until the pressure of continued effort bursts you forth. 
You have to survive the internal and external interrogation, questioning your sanity to still pursue your ideals.

Success is not just a mastery of a craft but also a mastery of the self. To reach a lofty dream requires an elevation of the person that few are prepared to undergo because to rise in such a way requires constant examination and elimination of character. You know you can always be better and do better. 

I can attest to this. Although my core goal of music remains, the picture has expanded. As a result I have had to too. There were parts of me that could not be brought forward and aspects that have been discovered. 

All the time I have had to reside in patience and faith but I although I want it all yesterday and outwardly it may appear to many that not much has changed, I know.

We do not  plant an acorn today and  expect to be sheltering in the shade of an oak tree tomorrow. Neither would we dig into the ground next week to see if the seed has started to grow and if the seed has been rooted deep the journey just to reach ground level is long.
Once the seed shoots through its foundations are such that it will not be moved easily.

If at all. 


Love Yourself! 

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