The Year Of Fruition

This week is the start of the Artist Empowerment Challenge.

Created by Jo - Na Williams the aim is to 'teach how to step outside the role as an artist and into the role of entrepreneur and CEO.'

Each day is holds a specific task and Day one was to Define My Success Word.

I have never done anything like this before. Yes, I have written plans but never actually named my year.

To get new results requires new actions so here is my word and my reasons for choosing it.


My word for the year is FRUITION

—noun. - attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment. 


Now is the time to see the beginnings of the work that I have been doing. 

Much of it has been on myself. I had to be honest. I found myself in a place that was not in line with my deepest desires and I needed to examine every aspect of my life to understand why I was where I was and how to get out. 

This required a lot of self work. Many deep rooted beliefs I had held onto - some out of misplaced honour - were stopping me becoming the person I knew I could be. 

And so began the unpicking and re learning. 

I am by no means done and accept this is a life long quest for me. 

Slowly I can see new shoots of change, there is a distance I have travelled and everyday the aim becomes clearer. 

Much of what I want to portray in my music and brand is the power of self mastery and transformation available to us all.  For that to be believable there must be visible proof that others see but more importantly That I, myself can witness because I will know that my work and faith is not in vain and be inspired to stride  forward, dig deeper and reach higher. 


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading, 

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