Each One, Teach One

This week has been a highly emotional one.

Less than 48 hours ago I thought I was going to be attending the funeral of somebody very close to me.

There seemed to be no hope. The professionals all said so. Phone calls were made to friend and relatives. 

We were all preparing to say goodbye.

And then out of the blue wellness returned and although this is what we wanted we were so surprised and flummoxed by the change in events.

Miracles do happen and I witnessed one in my life this week. Even as I write I am wondering if my celebrations are premature.

Late one evening when the situation still looked bleak I took a taxi from the hospital and struck up an conversation with the driver. Even after we had reached my destination we sat in the car and talked and we just shared our views on life. 

He told me sayings that his Grandfather had told him that given guidance through difficult times, offering them to me to assist me in my time of need.

Oftentimes, in very ordinary, everyday situations we will strike up a conversation with a stranger and during these interactions they unwittingly answer questions or offer the insights we need.

Yet the media would have us believe, and many do, that the world is a cold, dangerous place and with each individual solely out for themselves but life away from the TV screen and the news bulletins paints a different picture. 


All of us are powerful and whether we make a ripple in the lives of one or one million the effect is equally as valid.

Thanks Mo!


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading, 

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