Grace Is The Word


Trying to define yourself in one word can be really challenging. 

This is an fascinating exercise that I did as part of the Artists Empowerment Challenge.

The task was to define your brand umbrella - what you stand for and why?
I chose GRACE.

This word has followed me around for so much of my life because of the obvious Ms. Jones comparisons but digging in deeper to the true definition of the word.

I started to get really inspired. 

There are words that I would have used to describe other women, the women that draw me into them. Having those words underneath the umbrella would also mean that I will be constantly striving to reach my definition of those ideals. 

I also created a graphic which then also made it visible, something that I could see in my mind as well quickly and simply communicate to others, particularly when in he future I will be partnering with others. 

Since then I have find that I can think of the work and see the picture and have a confidence in who I need to be. Never in my life something so simple, brought so much clarity. 

You may feel that having a word that defines you is irrelevant to your life but it creates a shift. 

Finally after years of searching you know who you are, despite what the outside world may project upon you.

Try it. You may like it.


Love Yourself!


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