The Wrong Note

Some of my most juiced chord progressions have be born out of slipped finger. 

When I am figuring the music out I often allow myself to play anything without any care of trying to get 'proper' chords.

There is a balance that you need you find as a trained musician.

Too much reliance on theoretical correctness inhibits allowing yourself to just making noise. 

Often a big difference can be heard and felt because of one notes semitone change. The shift appears immense and grandiose the player knows they have literally barely lifted a finger. 

Within a chord the change from major to minor is this minute. The mood can instantly be elevated or depressed but there are even subtler moves. Those 'jazzier' extensions that make you smile and relax or the surprise dissonance that somehow works and you applaud because risk taken. Like watching a gymnastic squeeze on last turn into an already impressive sequence before landing perfectly and confidently on the beam. 

I am seeing this analogy relate to my life. The next moves will be bolder out of my comfortable predictable way of playing. Making new progressions and permitting myself to hit the wrong note. 

But then I ask myself. How can there be a 'wrong' note?

What and who determines the error? Our ears are tuned to the Western scale of music and we accept only 12 notes but there must me notes between the notes?

Surely if you are travelling from one place to another there is value in all the places in-between? 


I Am! 


Love Yourself!


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