5 Non Stupid Things To Ask Musicians/Actors

This post is inspired by another blog post that has been shared a lot over the past week.  

I was drawn to read and share on Twitter the article entitled 10 Things Stupid People Say To Musicians because it resonated almost deafeningly with me. 

Over the years I like other creatives have had to be tight faced and politely respond to the most ridiculous statements put to me by 'intelligent' people. 

For some reason it is widely accepted that choosing to follow your dreams means that you should be a target for the opinions and barbed attacks of people who know little to nothing about the field you are in. 

The original post addressed those people as stupid. I am going to be slightly kinder and assume they are just uninformed people saying stupid things. 

These gems usually come from a voice of the majority of society. It will be somebody who has bought into the 'get an education, profession, house, spouse, kids, pension and die' mindset. 

There are some if us who know that this prescribed life is not for them and can never be. They are led by passion to create/act/sing/play and once they start on the path towards attaining that goal nothing, not even the multitude of idiotic statements, rejections and frustrations can stop them. 

From our side of the fence we often see people trading the spark inside them to   fulfil the aspirations of a corporations who do not always have the individuals interests at heart. 

The workforce is highly populated by unhappy souls ceaselessly and mechanically grinding away under the illusion they are creating a security for themselves. This same security that can be taken away at any moment and as a result fear makes good people stagnate and override the soul urges that we all have. 

Us 'artistic types' know that we are taking a risk. Where we are headed is unknown and how to get there is uncharted but then the risk of not trying and believing we will be ok...? 

That is the real risk. 

Personally knowing that everyday my life is fuelled by my passions, not dreading a commute or having to interact with colleagues I do not connect with or have little or no respect for is reason enough to follow my heart. 

For those who feel compelled to comment on the life choices we make here are some questions that will be greeted with an enthusiastic and honest response and garner you respect. 

  1. How are you doing? - Sometimes going for your dreams is tough. We have to face a higher amount of rejection than most people will ever encounter and although we keep moving forward there are occasions when it gets very frustrating and we hit a low. Not that you would ever know because we are expert a putting on a happy face but to have somebody ask you how you really are... Priceless. 

  2. Could I help? - Creative endeavours are rarely achieved in isolation. We always need assistance if some sort. There may be a non artistic skill that you have that could help us. We love you for asking and you might enjoy doing it. 

  3. What does it feel like to perform? Write a song? Act? - If you do ask this question be prepared for the empassioned answer. These magical moments are the reason why we have chosen this path in the first place. It is an experience of true connection of feeling that this is what life is about. Your heart is full of love, excitement, gratitude and wonder all at once. It is not an easy or short thing to explain. 

  4. When do you find the time? Often taking on any artistic project means fitting it in and around a conventional working pattern. Many people will make the excuse about lack of time for not doing what they really want to do.  This is not true. There are pockets of time begging to be filled with useful activity. Waking up earlier, the dreaded commute, lunchtimes. Us dream chasers are a disciplined lot, we have to be. 

  5. Could you help me with...? - One thing I am certain of is that everybody has a passion of some sort. It may not be a grandiose artistic statement but there is something in each of us that would benefit our world if only we tap into it and allow it to flourish. Knowing the feeling I get from working on mine I am only too willing to help anybody in whatever way I can with theirs. 

All anybody wants is to be understood and when we choose an unconventional path we know we are challenging the ideas about what a successful life is. There is also a fake picture that has been painted about what success in artistic fields is and how it can be attained. 

It is not at all about fame and reality shows. There is soul searching and trying to convey what we observe as the truth of life. 

As the saying goes. 'If you can't say anything nice....'


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)