The Kindness Of Strangers

This week a lesson was reaffirmed to me.

It was a point that had been addressed earlier this year bit one that I only had accepted in theory although there were plenty of examples to draw on in my life.

This was a day when as far as I was concerned I was not only receiving out of it what I had put in and I was really making an effort.

Of course it is the eternally frustrating Catch 22 situation that I found myself enslaved in. At least on a thought level.

My focus was on the seeming lack of return for my effort which was stoking a growing resentment within me and then naturally not attracting any good in my experience and consequently growing the growing resentment.I was trying hard to remain positive but it was through gritted teeth.

I was not being positive I was efforting.

Not the same.

So I resigned myself to it being one of 'those days' and waited it out.

Then the lesson happened.

In the flash of a few moments a man passed me by, pressed a pair of earrings into my hand and as quickly as he appeared he was gone.

The only evidence of his existence were the earrings.

Everything about them was  me. All the factors I look for when choosing jewellery were addressed.

They were statement.

They were ornate.

They were BIG!

This entire exchange reminded me of something I had been told earlier this year whilst bemoaning the criticism I was receiving from people whose approval was important to me.

The gratitude you desire will often come from another avenue.

Does this mean that it is any less significant?

A day that could have passed unmarked in my life now is prominent in my kind because of this event and I also have a physical trinket to mark it with.

To the gentleman who for a few seconds chose me to gift these beautiful earrings.  Thankyou.

I will wear them with grace and pride.


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading.

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