Fears On Hold?

There are times in life when we need to be honest with ourselves.

There are times when stuff comes up and we are faced with a choice. 

Deal with it.

Or nah? 

Having recently moves completely to a Raw Vegan diet and taking advice and inspiration from various advocates of the lifestyle I knew that it was to be expected. 

I had expected to face some sort of 'crisis event' during my watermelon fast last month but I sailed through (to my surprise) easily. 

However, I know myself well and as a water sign I tend to have a delayed reaction to many things. This is often misread as an uncaring or blasé attitude. 

In recent times there have been major realisations and breakthroughs on a deeply personal level. 

I have been looking at how I want to contribute to the world and indeed to myself. 

Reaching conclusions to deep questions like this requires introspection and confronting issues that normally would be submerged with the tool of choice. For me that was sugar. Now without that as issues surfaced they demanded to be addressed. 

This week.  Stuff. Came. Up!!

All I could do was ride the waves of the emotions I was faced with. 

Guilt and the age old favourite, Fear. 

Traversing this experience has similarities with riding a roller coaster. You soar and dip, speed ahead and momentarily pause. However on a roller coaster you know there is an end and when that will be. 

My commitment to my health meant that my previous default mode of managing was not an option I wanted to use. 

So I allowed myself to experience what I would normally avoid and as uncomfortable as some of the experience was it left me feeling free and forgiving myself for a lot of things. 

Thoughts, situations and events from way, way back were re experienced and dissolved. 

A new clarity and strength is encompassing me too. This is not the last time this will happen but it is the first time I can say that I have moved through with understanding. 

Fear is often unwarranted and causes us to react in ways neither benefitting to ourselves and indeed others but this has taught me to ride through it and congratulate myself for the achievement. 



Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)