Pure & Simple

When was the last time that you were truly amazed? 

These days we expect so much to be possible and once it is is achieved it is very quickly taken for granted. 

Recently a video of a young girl probably less than two years old has been the viral sensation on social media. She is probably about two years old. 

In it she runs out of her house into the street delirious with excitement because it is raining and this is the first time in he life she has witnessed this. 

Imagine it. Water falling out of the sky. 

As expected the adults in her life first reaction is to pick her up and bring her inside. 

Their motive is protection. Rain will get you wet and possibly you will catch a chill. All future possibilities and non positive. 

Yet this little girl has no concern of such a thing. 

Water is falling out of the sky. Now! 

Eventually they allow her her pleasure and in observing her joy are transported to her perspective of appreciation and wonder. 

I love the company of children (sometimes over adults) particularly ones who still have their spirits intact. They still have purity and honesty and presence that sadly for most, society will succeed in demolishing. 

This is the perspective any creative must protect at all costs. 

Retain the child within. See the wonder in all things, play and remind the world of miracles. 


Love Yourself!


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