So Fresh, So Clean


For the past couple of months, I have felt a deep unease in my body. I was not eating as well as usual and was starting to develop cravings for nutritionally empty foods. 

On a purely aesthetic level clothes were starting to feel tighter and this is not how I like to feel especially with the brighter warmer weather arriving.

I decided that the best way to reset way to cleanse and it needed to be for at least 5 days, ideally 7. I have undertaken cleanses before, usually ones that still allow for some food to be eaten. This time, I decided to do a purely liquid cleanse.

I have to admit that I was nervous going into this. My main concern was being hungry and dying! Yes, I know that sounds dramatic but not having food to eat has been a reality for me in my life and to then put myself in a situation away from food replays those anxieties. However, I knew what results I wanted and that those and other issues were going to be overcome this time.

Well, I made it through. It was easier and more enjoyable than I thought it ever could be. This is what I learned through this cleanse.

The difference between what is necessary and what is a habit.
On day one I was concerned that I would be hungry, especially at the times I would normally eat but during the whole experience I never had any physical hunger, I just longed for the taste and texture of certain foods.

Feelings cannot kill you.
To feel lonely and vulnerable is as much as an experience as feeling joyful. Ride with it, explore it and then let it go. See it as another colour on your spectrum. Not something to be feared or suppressed with food. 

The conversation between body and soul.
Inspiration often communicates subtly. Lightness in the body makes you more receptive. You may often feel exposed but by staying with it you can learn to recognise the encouragement and guidance your soul is constantly offering you.

Love Yourself!

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