Music & Musings

Episode 1. Recorded, edited, uploaded and out for all the world to see.

Once the publish button had been pressed there was a huge sense of relief. What had I been making all that fuss about in the first place.

The imagination is so powerful and that of one who uses it daily can spin off into the most fantastical scenarios if not steered.

It was interesting to sit and watch myself talk. There were facial expressions that I had no clue I made. This was like meeting someone new.

I had some feedback too about what worked and what could be tweaked. 

There were last minute changes. The music I had initially recorded was replaced by a new piece I was inspired to write and that in itself has spawned the idea for a collection of instrumental works. 

Originally I felt that the first video should be an introduction but during the week I read The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield and I felt led to use that as the lead subject.

All of this has felt very ease filled and natural - once I got out of the way of it. I am open to receive all the opportunities and ideas this new venture can bring.

Love Yourself!


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