Be Like Water

I recall a conversation that as a result turned out to be one of the last we had together.

Not because of any grievance committed by either party but because it became apparent that we had come to the edge of their paradigm and I wanted to go further. 

The conversation was about life after death. It was something that they could/not believe in because they had no proof. Nobody that had passed that they were aquainted with had since come back to acknowledge that they were here for another round. 

The belief that I was trying to express was that although I have read about instances where people have returned to human existence and have been able to recall previous incarnations, we move on to another plane of existence and transmute from one form to another whilst still maintaining the essence of ourselves. 

Like water. We can become many forms depending on the environment in which we need to survive.

So we can be liquid, solid ice, hot steam, cool rain and all in-between. 

Often though there is no need to leave the Earthly plane to have to be adaptable in our form without loosing our identity. 

External situations, dramas and dramatists can often jerk you into reaction mode with your conscious awareness. 

With time and practice take a beat and remember you are water and adjust form accordingly.

Or not. 

On occasion the jagged stone needs to humble itself in the presence of a flowing steam and look to the beaches and see the masses of smooth rounded pebbles. 

What may appear to be just a trickle is constant and persistent. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading.  

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