A Writ For A Hit


Songwriting in order to achieve a mainstream hit is for many writer a long held goal even though so few attain the prize. 

The rewards must be heady there is of course the financial gains but more so the knowledge that your song is reaching into the lives of thousands and maybe even millions of people and imprinting into their memories. 

So what must it be like to be a writer who upon hearing the said hit hears a melody not too dissimilar to their own work or indeed the newly celebrated who then is faced with accusation and legal action against them?

This week the news about Sam Smith 'Stay With Me' vs Tom Petty 'I Won't Back Down' came out. 

There is no doubt that the former bears a melodic resemblance to the latter but the whole scenario got me thinking. 

As much as music makers are music lovers and will have an extensive and eclectic knowledge of music it is impossible to be aware of everything that has been written and even though the Tom Petty song was a successful song I cannot remember it having an equal impact as Sam Smiths. 

Also the meloduc structure was not so complicated so perhaps there are in exsistance many more tunes that sound the same but because they have not had wide exposure will escape the legal entanglement. 

It could just be that the Sam Smith team happened upon a very expensive coincidence. 

Then there is the other point. As a writer or creative of anything you know ultimately that the works are not exactly yours.

They come through you. You are a vessel, a channeller. 

So can you rightfully clam ownership?


Love Yourself!


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