Success From Sensitivity

It has only been very recently that I have been able to put a name to the 'condition' that was always slated as my disadvantage. 

I am an empath and my 'over sensitive' nature is in fact a highly tuned bullshit detector. 

The dips and peaks in others, often unspoken moods have always been palpable to me. 

As a writer and creator I crave silence or at least a calm energy. 

This gives my mind, soul and spirit the space to unfold and then become receptive. 

Then I can think, meditate, create. Without this I become anxious and short tempered. It feels as if my senses are being overloaded and trapped. 

As time goes on I am less tolerant of situations that do not allow me to feel good or that inspire me. And of people too.  

Unfortunately talking about things like energy is still considered in the main to be 'woo, woo'. The very thing that controls the essence of us all is relegated to make believe.  

Time and minds are changing and more people are beginning to accept and witness the truth in all things they have been led to see as untrue. 

It could be down to the choices I have made about my physical care and the fact that I have stepped into my over sensitivity, allowed it to flourish and guide me but my empathic tools are sharper than ever.  

Now there is no escaping the klaxon warning that resounds within when a situation is not right for me. It can be words, feelings or my favourite snippets of songs. 

The choice is then mine to take some action. 

This also works beautifully the other way. When the mood and/or company is right I just know. Everything inside sings. 

All things passing through my life serve as barometers. Whether wanted or unwanted, painful or joyous they allow me to decide what is good for me and what provides no service. 

Out of it I intended to evolve to a better me,  right all the wrongs and create fantastic works. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading

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