Me. Me. Me!

One of the most necessary components musician needs in their promotional package is a good biog. 

Sending speculative emails or even in response to a request for more information is all the better for it. 

The biog is a short piece. Ideally no more than 200 words long therefore communicating a message within a limited word count should be familiar ground. 

Ironically, although writing a good song is a craft often songwriters/artists do not fare as well when they turn their hand to their biographies.

Being restricted to a word count self imposed or not is a good start, so instead of rambling away with a diatribe of irrelevant and off putting 'facts' the emotive and truly alluring aspects of the creative can be detailed. 

But what can you write about especially when there are no 'names' to mention on your resume?

All of us need a barometer, a point of reference. We need to pigeon hole, categorise, compare, judge. 

I took on the challenge of writing my own website bio. In it I make reference to artists I admire and the elements of their creativity that I have embodied. 

By doing so I hope that anybody discovering me for the first time has an idea of what to expect. 

The three artists I site, Anita Baker, Ella Fitzgerald and Sade have all been described as Jazz singers yet are vastly different. My aim is for the reader to picture me within the points they represent. 

Still that only only explains one aspect of me. 

As a creator you long to express yourself as the multi faceted being that you are but you have to begin slowly, drawing people incrementally into your world as you reveal and discover new parts of yourself. 

There also needs to be room for assumption to allow people to make up their own minds about you irrespective of whether they are right or wrong.  Give them the permission to forge their view of you. 

After all it is the artist who is intruding into their space. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share ;)