Here, There. Not Everywhere.

Performing, when it goes well, is enjoyable. 

Even not so great gigs have their merits. 

At the moment I am finding  and contacting venues that I wish to perform at and obviously want to find the balance of getting out and playing as much as possible but not just playing any place. 

Trust me though, I appreciate that I am not in a pick at choose situation. Yet. 

I am still, and will always be, building an audience and I am far from over exposing myself so the more I can get out there the better. However just accepting anything may not be beneficial because of association. 

Lateral thinking also seems to work and I have booked a gig later this year at a Vegan food festival. So I not only get to perform but I will meet some amazing educators in Vegan food which helps me more on my journey to optimal health. 

It is the Catch 22 situation that anything new finds itself in. Exposure is needed and as much as possible but you have to hold your vision and believe that although there is not presently an over abundance of the types of scenarios one would wish for it is only a matter if time before the tides change. Having the courage to say No to an opportunity that is not quite in keeping with the vision. 

I have come this far at a far more sedated pace than I may have initially hoped for but I have to give myself merit for continuing to press on because  this has not been an easy year but Carol Mae Whittick is not a quitter. 

Occasionally we to step aside and regroup, look at what is working or not and lighten the load so we can fly. 

The great thing about being a songwriter is that these experiences become part of my expression, my work. 

Without the colours there would be wry little to offer. 

It can never be perfect but it will always be better. 

Confirmations are starting to come in. 

I will be performing live real soon. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)